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T-shirts Printing - Screen Printing - Hot Transfer Stamp - Vinyl & Digital

Hot Stamp - Transfer: (We've got two different methods of printing when it comes to hot stamp - Vinyl and Digital)

Screan Printing: (One single colour design can be printed onto woven materials such as cotton , polyester, etc.)

The Basics:
It is important to remember that every color and location you choose to have imprinted requires an additional screen, set-up, and print through. The costs connected with these depends on the printing techniques used (silk screen, hot stamp, emboss, digital sublimation).
It is recommended to print more items than fewer items because of the set-up charges
involved. If in doubt about the final quantity of screen printed items you’ll need, it’s often more economical
to order more than you think will be required, or if you are only a few shirts away from a price break, you may want to consider ordering additional pieces.
Every color has an associated cost; different colors have different chemical make-ups, which make them more or less expensive than others.
Drop shadows, shading and anything that blends from light to dark will probably end up looking like a series of dots and should be avoided. (This does not apply to single-color halftone gradients).

The following special requirements will add to your screen-printing costs:
- Matching exact ink colors requires inks to be custom-mixed to achieve that PMS color.
- Imprint sleeves, pockets, pants legs, require an additional running charge.
- A flash charge will be required to allow colors to show correctly on dark goods.
- Additional locations on a garment are more expensive than additional colors.

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